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My husband bought himself a wedding gift for our honeymoon. It is propably not what you would think. It is actually a gps antenna. For our road trip to france. We are going to drive all the way there from sweden. And i think its going to be wonderful. First we are going to go to a hotel. But no one knows where we are going. Only me and my fiances good friends know that we are not going to fly anywhere but go to a hotell at the airport fow two nights and then take the car to ...


Adactus makes good accessories for data communication. Things we, as regular users, may not think of on a daily basis, because they are usually included in the basic equipment we all buy, like hardware and machinery. But companies dealing in these things need to know where to turn. The focus of Adactus is B2B, with products such as connectors, antennas, receivers, repeaters, cables and so on. There are so many different components needed to make it all work when it comes to connecting machine to machine, and they all have a name and somebody has to manufacture them.


Idag är det svårt när det kommer till att få rätt system till arbetsplatser som velat effektivisera arbetet och många ställen som jag har varit på så har man kört med olika verktyg vilket gjort att både säkerheten, uppdateringar och mycket annat stått på spel. På vårat företag där vi arbetar med att hjälpa företag med datorer i Stockholm så brukar vi även informera hur de skulle få en mycket smidigare arbetsplats utan att det skulle behöva kosta allt för mycket. IT behöver inte alltid vara dyrt nämligen.

Romantic wedding

I'm attending a wedding in France soon. I think that it's going to be great actually. It's a very close friend of mine that is getting married, so I'm so happy for them. I really like weddings. It's the time where 2 people promise eachother that they're going to spent the rest of their lifes together. I think it's really beautiful. And the romantic thing about this wedding is that the wedding is all the way over in France. I think that is really romantic. It's like the country of love!

There will be new signs

Now we finally get a better digital signage in our business. The old signs did not work as it should, so our boss has ordered a new system that makes it will be seen better and look nicer and fresher and more professionally out. But it will not come until early next week, so in the meantime we must put up with the old signs that are not digital. But that's okay, they have worked in the past and so far, so then they can actually work for another week to. But it's exciting to see how it will look ...